90 Day – Detailed Report

In-Depth Financial Analysis Assessment

Knowing your numbers is one of the most critical pieces to running a scalable business. The 3MKJ team will review your current financial statements and processes to provide an in-depth look at where you are excelling and what levers you can pull to gain clarity or add to the bottom line. This analysis includes profit and loss, balance sheet, accounts receivable and payable as well as cash flow planning and finance process review.

Risk Analysis

Growing up, sinking the battleship was a win. In business, the last thing you want is an unseen torpedo sinking the ship. Are all legal agreements, business filings and insurance policies in order to protect you from these risks? We will provide a detailed analysis that includes key legal agreements, policy reviews as well as credit worthiness report discussion.

Finance Leader Readiness Assessment

3MKJ provides expert, 1:1 leadership coaching for the owners and leadership teams we work with. Is your finance ready to be coached and potentially swallow some not so easy to digest pills? Our leadership coaches will review the finance leader just as they review your books, looking at both technical acumen and leadership ability.

Investment Opportunity Identification

As we see the holes in your cash flow, we will bring strategic solutions to the table from our trusted partners from day one. These may include short term lending facilities or long term investors that can provide the horsepower you need to scale. 3MKJ has a network of equipment leasing, private lenders and private investors to tap into.

Financial Management Tools Analysis and Recommendations

How are you managing cash? Do you have real time insight and the ability to simply plan where your cash will come from and go to for the next 12 weeks? Can your team accurately log expenses in the field to make sure your job costs are accurate? Our finance team will recommend a suite of tools we know are easy to use and work to manage the financial aspects of your business.