Scale Services – Year 3 & 4

Insurance and Risk Efficiency

Building on the 1:1 leadership coaching you will be receiving, the U360 group meets 3x per year and is a focused, intense development space where we bring together leaders of all 3MKJ companies to learn, network and share for 2-3 days at a time. This experience has become a cornerstone of the 3MKJ leadership offerings that leaders make a focal priority. We create a safe space to dive deep into both business and personal issues as well as get into a new thinking environment that expands your leadership horizons. *All expenses are paid for U360 meetings with the exception of travel to the closest airport to the venue. Venues shift at the discretion of 3MKJ.

Quarterly Tax Planning

We believe in paying our portion to support our communities, but not any more than absolutely needed. Our CPA will review the books quarterly to build a tax plan for the year. Should you be paying estimates, are there investments you can make to defer taxes and support growth, are there laws you need to be aware of to make sure you don’t get audited? You’ll have confidence in your tax strategy on a quarterly basis vs. waiting until your fiscal year end to know what’s due.

Annual Cash Projections and Budget

In a business where large construction projects can both suck cash and put a lot of it in the bank all at once, it’s important to build a solid plan for the year based on your sales funnel. Our budget and planning tools provide a means to predict the lean spots as well as make sure you save during the high spots. You’ll be able to track your performance against your plan throughout the year with detailed monthly reports.

Quarterly Profit Planning

If I have it, I guess I’ll spend it! The battle cry of most small business owners. Using your projections, we’ll take time on a quarterly basis to plan for what to do with profit, how to invest it to grow the business and build a reserve for when you need it most, or make sure the ownership group and leadership team is rewarded for a job well done. You’ll have confidence that these decisions won’t impact your future ability to operate.

Monthly Finance Scorecard Implementation

What are the key metrics that drive your business? Most financial metrics are lagging metrics which show you the history of the business vs. the future. We will work with you to identify the key leading metrics that drive your business, set targets and track progress on a monthly and weekly basis.

Financial Transparency

What level of detail do you share about the company’s financial health with your team? Do you want them to know you’ve been wildly profitable or you’re worried about where the next payroll is going to come from? We will advise you and your finance leader on what to communicate and building a regular pattern so your team has a clear understanding of the financial priorities of the business and their role in achieving them.