Start Services – Year 1 & 2

Simple, Efficient Financial Management Systems Integration

Finance can be complicated. How many Excel sheets and reports do you need to make a decision? Our goal is to implement simple and efficient financial systems that will help you quickly make your hardest finance decisions. The finance team will update your chart of accounts for job costing and help put systems in place for purchasing materials, AR/AP management, expense tracking and finance communications. You’ll know where to find the right data to drive your decisions.

Accurate Financial Data Management

How do you know your books are accurate to the penny? Where are you loosing money vs. making it? Routine process drives accuracy of financial data. Our finance team will work with you to implement core process for monthly close, reporting and analysis that includes checks and balances to make sure the data points are accurate and timely.

Cash Planning

Do you have a plan for the next 12 months? How about the next 12 weeks? A strong business knows exactly how much it costs for the business to make $1 and how quickly that $1 flows through the business. Utilizing simple cash planning tools, you will create an annual projection plan as well as monthly and weekly forecasts that can drive your day to day decisions.

Profit First

Most leaders are taught to eat last. Build the business and the profit will come. If you business is designed to be profitable, you should be protecting that profit. We teach a profit first accounting system that allows you to establish a reasonable, projected margin and take that out of each dollar that comes into the business first to guarantee profitability or have a reserve when you need it most.

Scalable Finance Facilities

In construction and contracting the only certainty is that you won’t get paid on time. You put all of your resources into funding materials, equipment and the right talent to get the job done, then sit and wait for the client to decide to pay the bill. We’ll make sure you have the margin to support this lag as well as the finance facilities to extract critical cash when you need it vs. waiting. Our trusted banking and financial network will go to work to protect your day to day operations.