90 Day – Detailed Report

Leadership Team Assessment

The leadership team is the core to operating a scalable business. We will assess the current leadership team utilizing team dynamics and communication tools that produce a report on the strengths or areas of genius for your leadership team as well as how you communicate with each other and can improve. This report provides direct, actionable feedback that will propel your leadership team forward.

One of the most common overlooked items for a visionary leader is the structure of the business. Do you have the appropriate legal structure to grow and sell the business while avoiding major pitfalls? Our legal counsel provides expert analysis of the legal structure of the business through the lens of being able to grow and lead with purpose and values.

Leader Readiness Assessment

3MKJ provides expert, 1:1 leadership coaching for the owners and leadership teams we work with. Are you ready to be coached and potentially swallow some not so easy to digest pills? Our leadership coaches will work with you to assess your openness for coaching and feedback before we jump into the process and provide tools to support you in your coaching journey.

Core Principles and Values Identification

The purpose of the business and core values should be the guiding lights for all leadership decision making. Your purpose defines not just what you offer but the commitment you are making to changing your piece of the world through your work. Your values guide how you treat your team and your expectations for how the company will run on a day to day basis. We will guide the leader or leadership team through an exercise to identify or refine a base level purpose or list of core principles and list of core values that you will be able to try on for size with your team as you get into the Start phase.

Bi-Monthly Leadership Decision Making Coaching

Let’s face it, leadership is a lonely pursuit. You have a deep sense of responsibility and there is weight to almost every decision you make. Having an outside eye that can walk you through your toughest decisions both in the business and in your personal life is one of the highest returns for time invested. We’ll spend an hour every other week with a focused agenda designed to make you a better leader in all your pursuits.

5 Year Vision Identification

Do you know where you want this business to be in 5 years? Most visionary entrepreneurs have a clear picture in their head but that picture is rarely fully communicated to the team you are leading. The 3MKJ team will dedicate time to helping you flesh out your vision in a way that paints a clear picture for your team as well as coaching you to communicate it often and effectively.