Scale Services – Year 3 & 4

U360 Group Participation

Building on the 1:1 leadership coaching you will be receiving, the U360 group meets 3x per year and is a focused, intense development space where we bring together leaders of all 3MKJ companies to learn, network and share for 2-3 days at a time. This experience has become a cornerstone of the 3MKJ leadership offerings that leaders make a focal priority. We create a safe space to dive deep into both business and personal issues as well as get into a new thinking environment that expands your leadership horizons.

*All expenses are paid for U360 meetings with the exception of travel to the closest airport to the venue. Venues shift at the discretion of 3MKJ.

Leadership Coaching

We will continue 1:1 leadership coaching monthly. The goal of leadership coaching continues to be unpacking your deepest issues personally and professionally as well as building the culture you want for the organization.

Leadership Roles Strategy

Building on your functional organization chart and leadership roles outline in the Start phase, we work with you and your leadership team to implement personal development plans for each leadership team member to achieve the desired leadership roles or develop position plans to hire the best outside talent.

Leadership Roles Analysis

We work with you to build a functional, high level organization chart for today and tomorrow. You’ll have a people and leadership roadmap for the next 5-10 years that allows you to identify internal talent or know exactly what you need to source external leadership. Your leadership team will know how they fit into the bigger picture, what they need to develop into the roles you identify and you can work together to build development plans for them. This roadmap will also cascade to every level of the organization creating clear career paths for valued team members.

Elevating Your Leadership Role

To achieve owner independence, you need to systematically take day to day responsibilities off out of your day to focus on strategic priorities. We will utilize the delegate and elevate tool to help you understand what tasks you can start to delegate and develop plans to make sure you are not just “offloading” tasks but creating ownership with your team.

Culture Management

Based on your plan from the 4 obsessions of a CEO, we guide you through implementing tools to become a recognized industry leader for the type of workplace you lead and making every team member a keeper of the culture. We will develop a plan for regular culture and values reinforcement at every level of the organization.