Sell Services – Year 5+

Owner Transition

Putting your plan from the Sustain phase into action, we will effectively transition you out of the day to day operations of the business and achieve owner independence. This transition can come with a lot of personal hardship as you have defined yourself and your life by the business for over 5 years. What will life look like moving forward? Where will you find purpose? How do transition in a meaningful way?

3MKJ Fund Group

A next step in the U360 journey, you will “graduate” into the 3MKJ fund group. This group is comprised of former owners who have exited or independent owners who have chosen to continue to manage the business but not be involved in day to day operations. You will focus on how, as a group you can invest in and mentor the next generation of leaders in 3MKJ companies. You will look at opportunities to acquire or start new enterprises together, growing them with purpose and values.

Owner Financial Plan

Utilizing our trusted financial planning partners, you will create a financial plan that will not only reduce tax burden and make sure your time invested in your business pays long term returns, but understand how your financial plan can contribute to your personal purpose through socially conscious investments.