Start Services – Year 1 & 2

Leadership Audit

The first step on your journey to owner independence is locking in your leadership team and making sure it runs like a well-oiled machine. Insuring you can trust the leaders who manage the key functions of your business is critical to long term success. That trust is built through solving hard problems and honest communication. We utilize a proprietary set of leadership assessment tools that give you a deep understanding of each other, how you communicate and how you can better support each other. We build an action plan together that allows you to invest in and build a leadership team that lasts.

CEO Culture Management

Based on the work of Patrick Lencioni, we unpack the 4 obsessions of a CEO that guide every decision and become the bedrock priorities for you to lead your business and create and reinforce a culture of excellence that will allow to attract & keep the best team members. You will have the tools to become a recognized industry leader for the type of workplace you lead.

Leadership Roles Analysis

We work with you to build a functional, high level organization chart for today and tomorrow. You’ll have a people and leadership roadmap for the next 5-10 years that allows you to identify internal talent or know exactly what you need to source external leadership. Your leadership team will know how they fit into the bigger picture, what they need to develop into the roles you identify and you can work together to build development plans for them. This roadmap will also cascade to every level of the organization creating clear career paths for valued team members.

Leadership Coaching

We will continue your 1:1 leadership coaching and expand this coaching to your integrator to enhance your internal management capacity. The goal of leadership coaching continues to be unpacking your deepest issues personally and professionally as well as building the culture you want for the organization.

Leader Gifts Assessment

Where is your zone of genius? The area you hit flow and never feels like work. We will utilize assessment tools to clearly understand what gifts you offer your organization and how to best deploy those gifts and keep you in your zone of genius on a daily basis.