Sustain Services – Year 5+

Owner Transition Plan

Taking the delegate and elevate plan to a new level, we will work with you as the owner to develop a 1-2 year plan to transition you completely out of operations and achieve owner independence. This plan will include leadership development, strategic “sabbatical tests”, dashboard tools and strategy tools that allow your team to lead and you focus on strategic priorities.

Leadership Coaching

We will continue 1:1 leadership coaching monthly. The goal of leadership coaching continues to be unpacking your deepest issues personally and professionally as well as building the culture you want for the organization.

Culture Management

Based on your plan from the 4 obsessions of a CEO, we guide you through implementing tools to become a recognized industry leader for the type of workplace you lead and making every team member a keeper of the culture. We will develop a plan for regular culture and values reinforcement at every level of the organization. We will also add a survey tool to get regular/ quarterly feedback from your team on the culture of the organization.