90 Day – Detailed Report

Past Year Sales Analysis

We specialize in sales analysis for the water and sewer industry. Our experts delve into your past sales data, identifying trends, key drivers, and areas of concern. We measure your performance against industry standards and provide actionable insights to enhance your sales strategy. With our service, you can leverage your sales history to fuel future growth and stay competitive in your market.

Client Feedback

We provide specialized client feedback analysis for businesses in the water and sewer industry. Our team expertly sifts through your customer feedback, identifying key trends, sentiments, and areas for improvement. Our service translates your customer voices into actionable insights, helping you enhance your product offerings, improve customer service, and ultimately boost client retention. With our client feedback analysis, you can turn customer opinions into strategic tools for your business growth.

Point Person Identification

Having an internal point person for marketing within your company is crucial for efficient and effective communication with 3MKJ Consulting. This individual brings industry-specific knowledge to the table, helps in swift decision-making, coordinates between different company departments, and ensures alignment with the marketing strategy. They streamline the overall process, saving time and resources, while also holding accountability for the success of marketing efforts, which includes monitoring campaigns and providing valuable feedback for future improvements. Essentially, they act as a vital bridge between the company and 3MKJ Consulting.


Understanding the feasibility for marketing at your company is to ensure that the proposed strategies and campaigns are viable and can deliver expected results. This assessment includes understanding the company’s target market, resources, budget, competitive landscape, and industry trends. By gauging the feasibility, we can tailor the marketing strategy that aligns with the company’s capabilities and goals, mitigating potential risks and maximizing the return on investment. This process is crucial in ensuring that the marketing efforts are not only effective but also sustainable in the long term.