90 Day – Detailed Report

90 Minute Meeting

This is the initial meeting between the team at 3MKJ and the client to review what the 90 Day Assessment is all about, establish connection between the teams, and introduce the client to their assigned 3MKJ Project Manager. In this meeting the client will be given a roadmap for the next three months, detailed explanations of what to expect, and walked through the deliverables and timeline expectations for the project.

Overview of EOS – (AKA Overview of Project: Owner Independence)

3MKJ has conducted extensive research into the best practices of running a business and understanding of how to create true “Owner Independence”. In this overview the COO and Project Manager will review the key principals, tools, and learnings gathered from our findings and walk you through how we will be putting these into action.

ID Point Person

Communication between 3MKJ and your company is critical to moving all aspects of Operational Development forward. In this meeting, we will establish the key team members from your company tasked with owning and building out the operational departments and who might be best suited for the role of Integrator. The right hand to the visionary. Those tasked with owning the deliverables for the 90 day assessment and any work moving forward will be defined and connected to the corresponding members of the 3MKJ team.

Organizational Health Assessment

The Organizational Checkup™ begins with a series of 20 questions that you rate your organization on a scale of 1-5. In 3MKJ’s extensive research into operational best practices, we have built an operating system that has proven itself time and again to be simple and effective for our clients. Our COO will walk you through the operating model and establish a roadmap for implementing this critical step toward owner independence.

Buy In Check

Are you in it to win it? At about halfway through the 90 Day Assessment we will gather the leadership teams from both 3MKJ and your company to review how things have been going, is the dedication to meeting deliverables and deadlines present, and assess where improvements can be made.