Scale Services – Year 3 & 4

Quarterly Rocks Workshops

Now that we have your Quarterly Sprints built, in the Scale program 3MKJ will facilitate quarterly meetings to help determine what the top priorities are for the next quarter for the company and help to break those down into departmental and individual team member goals for the next 90 days. We will work alongside you to help track progress over the quarter, and show you tips and tricks on how to keep everyone on track to success.

Process & Systems Build & Support

Now that we have your Systems defined it is time to build them. We will jump start your system building success by sharing valuable templates that have been proven to work and offer guidance on how to train your team on how to use them. For Systems unique to your company, we will work alongside your team to help define the six key components to a successful system: Defined Outcome, Trigger, Process, Report, Inspection, Feedback and offer project management support on getting these built and put into action.

Annual Meeting Facilitation

At the start of each fiscal year the 3MKJ leadership team will host an Annual Company Meeting with your leadership and key staff members to build the vision and goals for the year ahead. During this meeting we review the success of past years Quarterly Springs, L10 Meting Pulse, and Company Metrics. Together we will define what has been successful, what needs to be improved upon, and how it can be improved. At the end of the session, you will leave with an updated One Page Strategic Plan, an outline of the next Quarterly Spring Goals, and list of upcoming deliverables for the next phase of the Owner Independence plan.