Start Services – Year 1 & 2

Organizational Chart

Having the right people in the right place at the right time makes for a sustainable, profitable company. Together with your leadership team 3MKJ will run a full diagnostic on your current Organizational Chart and help to map out a growth plan for the 6 months through 5 years. This will build a hiring map to ensure that your company can grow at a pace that is exciting while not breaking the budget.

L10 Pulse

What if all your meetings were rated 10 out of 10? Using a proven structure based off the principles of EOS, we will walk you through setting up meetings that are efficient, effective, and built to solve the issues you and your teams run into daily. Together we will set this structure up within weekly leadership and departmental meetings with a cascading communication plan to keep everyone on the same page. Supportive software programs will be introduced, and training provided upon request.

Scorecard (AKA Company Metrics)

Each business has 10 – 15 key numbers/metrics that can tell an owner immediately what the health of their business is on any given day. Working with the operations and finance teams at 3MKJ we will ascertain what these metrics are for your company and build a system for you to track this data. Supportive software programs will be introduced, and training provided upon request.

90 Day World View (AKA Quarterly Sprints)

Quarterly sprints are designed to determine what the key goals are each quarter, for each team member, to move the company forward in the most effective way. In the Start model we will introduce Quarterly Sprints and work with your team to set up challenging yet reachable goals for each team member and introduce ways to track progress within each department/team.

Process & Systems Introduction

To scale a business, one needs consistent repeatable systems and processes. Here we will define what key Systems are within each department and walk you through why this matters and what it means for your bottom line.